WARCHILD The Nobody is a Hip-Hop/Rap recording artist, performer & writer who most people mistaken as a lone rebel but on the contrary is just misunderstood.

WARCHILD just released his debut album entitled “COMING 4 EVERYTHING: UNLEASHED”. A project that expresses his frustrations with where music is and how very few artists seem to respect and utilize the platform to empower the very people that help put them in the position they’re in. WARCHILD is warning everyone that he’s coming for the very platform most artists takes for granted and plans to utilize it as he believes it was intended to be used. This project also embodies self-reflection & unexpressed feelings or emotions tied to his past, present, and future. WARCHILD attempts to empower people with his music to not be afraid of who they are or ashamed of the life they were chose to live, but to instead celebrate and embrace all they’ve been through and who they’ll become as a result of it all.

WARCHILD is a lyrical and spiritual force to reckon with by using his music to stand & fight for his beliefs regardless of the odds or who chooses to stand with him. His movement is not quiet, and he will not back down from any challenge or opposition. The only thing left to say about WARCHILD & his movement is… FEAR THE RELENTLESSNESS OF A BEAST… Now consider yourself WARNED!!!!!!




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